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In case anyone is around, I'm working on some comic pages today in a Google Hangout here. I'll probably be doing some requests later, too. I'm trying to make a habit to check dA daily again.
Nyerp. I was tagged and this one was too much to pass up. I'll be using Ryae. The main character of my comic INTS: Black Gate
Meme by :iconsilvur2000:
Tagged by: :iconcrystalcircle:

1) You must answer as your character, the character can be an actual OC or from a fandom. It doesn't matter. 
2) You have to tag 3 people when you are finished. 
3) You can either send me a link when you're done, or simply credit me in the journal. 
4) You may use up to three characters if you want, but one is recommended.
5) Your character may not harm the interviewer until the end of the interview.

    1.     Hello! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer a few questions.

I was forced into this, it's some lame extra-credit or something in RAAD right?

    2.     First off, what's your name?

Ryae Ontzyk Eybve Kovbyrenisk - beautiful isn't it?

    3.     That's a really funny name, any idea why you're called that?

Thank my parents, I find it fitting except for the terrible pun in my primary name.

    4.     That's cool I guess. Now what are you exactly? Give us a brief physical description of yourself.

I'm a beautiful Beivillium in non-trajke build. Unfortunately, that means I'm smaller than literally everyone else in my class. I have great eyes, trust me, they're matching. I'm well built which allows me to pull off most any outfit, which is a great bonus. I love clothes. Oh! And I have really thick hair which is good for braiding and...well it was before it was cut for the military. 

    5.     Have any friends? Tell me about them.

...Friends are really just crutches, you know? Though I kind of need them. Hrm. I suppose I have one current friend, Feneryos. She's dumbly optimistic and refuses to let me sleep in. And...I have one other friend, but it's been a while I guess. His name is Byleero. We're not on ideal standings right now.

    6.     Huh. Now do you have any one you like? You like? Or love?

What kind of question is this? I'm too young to breed. No. That's a repulsive idea to even think about.

    7.     Okay, I'm sorry. Now, do you have any powers or unnatural abilities? (You know...zap zap!)

You better be sorry, you nosy freak. I have natural abilities, nothing about my matter displacement is unnatural at all. It's expected and it's unnatural to /not/ have it. Poor low-class outwits. It is a condition you know? Some folks can't displace their matter.

    8.     Brilliant! What's your occupation? Do you work anywhere?

I'm in training to be a soldier...though I'm closer to a parcel delivery girl right now. Stupid low class missions. The pay is awful.

    9.     What are you most afraid of?

Being unrecognized, ceasing to exist. That'd be...awful. I don't want much, just greatness and something to live on. Oh and nothing to do with my family, that'd be wonderful.

    10. Have any secrets you're willing to tell...?

Sure. To be successful you have to be groomed into it, it won't happen immediately, and if you don't try then you will fail forever and you deserve it if you're not even trying. Slacker.

11. So, you gotta have an enemy, who is it? What did they ever do to you?

...Serekyei is kind of a dyfed pesod jerk. Not really an enemy though, not many people like me at the academy. I'm not really sure what I did. I just have very clear goals and they don't understand my vision. I think it's an intellect gap.

    11. Do you have any fangirls/fanboys? Come on! List at least three of them! Mention them right here, right now.

No. Assuming a friend doesn't count. No. I have none. It's crimeworthy. I'm very likable.

    12. Catchphrase?

What kind of idiot actually uses a catchphrase?

    13. Do you have an accent? Do you pronounce certain things differently than others?

No. Everyone else in this dumb Academy seems to have one though. Especially the pale folks. Eesh. Mispronouncing everything including their own names.

    14. If you could species swap for a day, what would it be and why?

No. I love me. I love what I am. I wouldn't trade for anything, thanks.

    15. Ever....killed before? (Oh Noes )

    16. Have a favorite weapon? (Mine's a bazooka, BOOM BOOM!)

My hands, and anything I choose to make with them. I produce low-distortion matter, so everything is flawless.

    17. Where do you live? (not trying to be creepy here, I meant what planet, world, dimension, etc.)

Atrum Bellezeit in Sector 9 right now, the Royal Atrum Academy of Defense, in an absolutely ugly dorm.

    18. What do you usually wear?

A stupidly ugly training uniform right now.'s so drab. The fabric is awful and thick and so uncomfortable.

    19. What's your opinion on your creator?

My parents? I don't care for them or their choice of work.

    20. If you could say something to your creator right now, what would it be and why?

Screw you and your life choices.

    21. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? *throws money*

I would quit--oh wait I can't do that because of the contract. Hrm. I would bank it. Use it as soon as my term is done and get my own place and my own recognition my way.

    22. What's your lifelong dream?

Be great. Be influential. Be rich...maybe have my own sector or something. Yeah, that'd be cool.

    23. Favorite food?

I really like dried-jellied Reik fern.

    24. Ever wanna settle down and have kids one day?

Ask me when I'm actually old enough to consider something like that. You are outright creepy asking that now. I don't even have my Tooth yet!

    25. No....okay then. Do you look up to anyone? Do you have an idol?

Myself. If I don't, no one will. No one else is really worth my adoration right now.

    26. If someone close to you died or got killed by someone else, what would you do?

I would kill the killer...probably.


    27. Can you dance? Or sing? Give me a sample of your singing voice. (*video recording the entire thing* huehuehuehue)

I can dance and sing, what kind of person can't? I've had lessons in both classical styles for song and dance.

    28. Now to upload that to YouTube...anyways, what's your favorite song? Have a certain genre of music you listen to?

I like percussion and breath-singing.

    29. This quiz is now over. Anything you wanna say to me, the interviewer?

This was worthless.

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Howdo I haven't even made a journal in a while. I've been living on a forum(so to speak) for the last while and haven't been all that great at updating dA. I still live and most things are going well. Making comics has taken up a lot of my time and I haven't really  gotten aquainted with all the new things that DA's done as of late. So, I'm not  dead, I'll probably re-upload the updated pages for my comic here though. I'm more active on tumblr and comicfury than I am here.

So, I've been up to comics as of late. :')


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I'm a graphic designer working in t-shirt & garment design, I illustrate on the side. I've just started in comics, I love letters & typography as well. I love both digital and traditional medias and more or less 'illustrate and stuff'.

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